roof insulation

Flat Roofing Insulation

As of June 23, 2008, we now offer our customers a choice of using Recycled on New Poly-Iso insulation.

Benefits of using recycled insulation include instant and continuous financial benefits. Since we get recycled ISO board at a discount, we pass on the savings to you, and with more insulation for the same amount of money you would spend on a new ISO, you will continue to save money on your energy costs year round.

But that’s not all! Although ISO insulation is not “green” per-se, using recycled insulation is a green choice, since by reducing your energy consumption, you will contribute to the reduction of carbon monoxide emitted into the atmosphere. Moreover, by using recycled insulation, you save space in our nation’s landfills, another invaluable benefit to the environment.

Types of insulation we use:

By default we use a 1/2 inch fan-fold Styrofoam insulation, which is mostly used when there is already some insulation on the roof. Fan-fold insulation comes with 2-R value, so it will add some insulating value to the roof. It also acts as a separation barrier between the deck or old roofing material and IB membrane. Fanfold insulation is attached with heavy-duty screws and corrosion-resistant insulation plates. It is light-weight, features quick installation and is ideal for a roof layover. It is also the most economical option.

Another option you have is to use a common ‘new-construction’ and complete roof replacement choice of insulation – Poly ISO board, which comes in a wide range of sizes and features high R-values from 3 to 20-R. Sizes include 1/2, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.3 inches and R-value is calculated using 6-R per 1 inch of insulation.

If drainage is a concern, ISO insulation comes in tapered design which has different thicknesses at each end, and is used to create pitch ( slope ) on a completely flat roof. Slope is usually directed toward drains or drip edges and diverts the water flow to where it can exit the roof.