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    42 thoughts on “Get Free Flat and Metal Roofing Estimates

    1. Looking for pricing and options to have roofing material installed over an enclosed sunporch that will have walkable rooftop deck. Need to choose a roofing system so framing can account for proper insulation, flashing, vapor barriers, etc. Rooftop is minimal slope, virtually flat, and rooftop will be ~28-30’L x12-14’Wide, with the length of the long size attaching to the existing building, and the remaining three sides open to the air with enclosed walls/windows under.

    2. Commercial building about 40 by 80. OLd roofing probably needs to be removed. Ready to go. Building is 2 stories tall

    3. Deck is approximately 150 square feet. Living space below deck. Everything has been removed by owner. Telephone number is 908 369-3159.

    4. Have a roof deck (19 x18 feet) over the lanai that has a small leak on one of the railing posts.
      The deck is light weight concrete over triple torch down rubber.
      The overall desk and railing post are in good condition.
      Want to have someone come out and give me an assessment and estimate.

      Locations Winter Springs Fl. (Orlando FL metropolitan area).


    5. Have about 4000 square feet of existing metal roof (R panel). Want to remove existing panels and use them for other farm projects. Want to install a solar system – over a new roof – most likely standing seam, but might be interested in IB. Defintiely thin film solar seems like it would be best.

      Do you do solar and roof both


    6. Question about roof structure prior to pvc install.
      Was going to go with 2 x 14 Douglas fir over an 18 foot span 12 inches on center at a 1/2-5/8 inch slope per foot?

      Would you install plywood for me over rafters?
      Also set in thick 8-10” insulation fiber board ???inside rim board on top of plywood?

      Fo I place more ply on top of fiberboard also??

      Garage 19’ x 27’ having 6 inch over hangs.

      Also would need top exterior fascia mount railing surround as I would like to put artificial turf on top of pvc membrane for usable rooftop outdoor living space. Turf fastened at fascia all around and with interior sand spread.

      Sounds crazy according to wife but needed garage so the flat roof/ artificial turf on top will
      maintain and not lose any yard space.

      Please advise ???

    7. Hello and thank you for your service,

      I need 4 FREE quotes EACH on: roof repairs, roof overs, and new roofs for 1984 Fleetwood 14 X 70 Single-wide Mobile Home located at 7438 Golden Meadows Road, Greenwood, Louisiana 71033.

      There are no dogs on the property to worry about when you arrive to inspect the roof.

      I work 8 – 5, Mon – Fri and will not be there if you need access into the home. If you need me at home when you come by to inspect the roof, please don’t call. I prefer you e-mail or send a text (however I may or may not answer your text or e-mail quickly).

      Thank you for your time in honoring my request.

    8. The metal roof will be for new constructio in Dudley, MA. The house footprint is 34’x26 with a 12 pitch, and a shed roof off the back to cover a glass enclosed porch. There is also a 4′ bump out on the front for a walkout bay with a gable roof, also 12 pitch. We have a drawing with dimensions but do not have our house plans yet and are trying to determine if a standing seam metal roof is within our budget.

      Thank you.

    9. Part of my roof is about 10% pitch and is problematic in the winter with ice dams. Currently it’s asphalt shingles which I think simply don’t work on that pitch because water will simply creep under and find nail holes and drip onto the drywall below. My “solution” has been to clear the roof of snow after each storm. Works, but not fun or safe, to say the least. I have been researching and I’m thinking that a rubber roof, in that section may be the best solution and I’m also interested in the PVC options you offer. I don’t want to replace the entire roof, so hoping the rubber (or PVC) would “connect” well with the steeper sections of roof that join the problematic area. I am in New Haven County, CT. Thanks.

    10. Exterior rubber roof butts against an elevated four foot wide concrete sidewalk which is buried in the bedroom ceiling of a structure below. The problem is that the bedroom ceiling leaks water only in the four foot wide portion of the ceiling that includes the buries sidewalk. The portion of the bedroom ceiling that leaks water is well define and covers only the area of the embedded sidewalk. How does one cover the above exterior sidewalk to prevent the leakage. The existing rubber roof does not appear to be the culprit? Please advise.

      1. Bruce,

        Ideally I’d want to see pictures of roof / sidewalk / connection between the two. Best is if you email me pics to leo @

        Without seeing pics, i can guess that (1) connection between rubber and concrete leaks OR (2) that concrete itself leaks OR, (3) if concrete is floating (meaning it’s concrete blocks sitting on top of rubber), there may be holes under concrete.

        But again these are all guesses based on your description.

        Now the way I’d approach this in cases 1 and 2, is by laying 1/2″ fiber insulation (foam glued to concrete) and running rubber sheet over concrete, with at least 6″ overlap with rubber, flash that sheet with seam tape and cover tape, and installing wall treads / walk pads over rubber/concrete sandwich. fiber insulation needs to go at least 1/2″ past concrete, so that rubber over it won’t rub against concrete.

        Hope this helps.

    11. Flat roof (minimal) sloped. Other products are not working well. Roofers in our area don’t work often on flat roofs over a living area. Need someone with application knowledge of Cool Flat Roofing product in northern Colorado area.

      1. Shirl,

        Fill out the form above – perhaps we can patch you with local flat roof professionals that do residential work.

      1. about $75 per square + DUMPSTER fees – not sure how much dump will cost, but tile is heavy (8 lbs per 1 sq. ft.), and you are paying per ton…

    12. I am foreman for a contractor we are building a commercial building how much per foot for your coping the color would be green 182 feet how much per foot is the coping manufactured and installed ?

    13. What we would really like, is to have a “Pole Barn” roof installed over the entire house, we have to fight this every year with the heavy snow and rain. A Pole Barn roof over the house would take care of all that.

    14. Hello I am Ben Simson a licensed Commercial roof installation professional. We are impressed with your web-a site. We have 25t years in the business of (Of old time torch down Rubber). And now the modified bitumen. And all other types.
      We run a micro roofing business & are incorporated with Good Standing.
      My creditionals are: Carpentry & Residential Commercial Roofing: Registration; #4035
      Commercial Roofer License: #149.

      These are State of RI Creditionals
      Also have MA & Ct. Authorities.

    15. Thanks for your estimation.
      However, i was bit confused that cold roof for 900 sq.feet charging is around 5,00,000 lakh indian rupees ?
      is there any possible to discount ?
      my are is coimbatore-641001, tamil nadu, India.

      1. @ Mansoor

        Our calculator is in USD … not rupees, and involves US labor costs, overhead and profit. In India these costs are much lower, so the major factor for you will be material cost. However, it is likely hard to find good PVC crew in India, because the market there is much smaller (in square feet/meters/miles installed per year) than US…

    16. I am looking for someone in the Quad City area to inspect a IB roof. I sell real estate and the seller has this type of roof. The company that installed for him is no longer in business. Is there anyone in my area that can reassure the buyer that the roof is installed correctly? If is the IB roof, so I need someone who has experience with that system.

    17. I have a 40′ x 80′ metal building with a metal roof. I am interested in having the roof replaced with either another metal roof or a rubber roof. Either of which could go over the existing roof. It is a slightly pitched roof with 2 vent pipes in it.

    18. Chimney flashing leak? Where ridge comp shingle roof meets flat patio cover comp shingle roll torch down bitumen meet that has furrow along plywood seams which bulge underneath with one large blister. Want better solution if flat roof with little pitch. Maybe need drain at middle of roof or pitch this roof more. Not sutr if chimney needs reflash. Slow drip leak under patio cover 1 ft from chimney.

    19. I am interested in new York Brooklyn do know of any contractors that install this type of roof , What would the cost be for 1000 square feet

    20. Hi, My neighbor was super pleased with the job you did on their roof. I have tried to get in touch with you for a bid by filling out your form (a month ago) and leaving messages on voice mail. It is a bit frustrating to hear nothing back.
      -David 203-494-97xx

    21. I would like to know your represenvative in Québec CITY IN Québec, Canada
      Phone Number: 418 885 4011
      Address: 620 ch. St Jacques St Anselme
      Zip: G0R2N0

    22. This product is what I’ve been looking for, it sounds like; however, I’m in California. Does anyone sell this on the other coast?