IB PVC Flat Roof Installed in Brooklyn NY

In December 2012, we installed an IB PVC roof in a duplex-condo in Brooklyn, NY. This new roof replaced an old leaking tar roof that was over 20 years old. The roof was leaking in multiple places, around skylights, and along separation wall flashing.

IB Flat Roof Brooklyn NY

IB Flat Roof Brooklyn NY

The new membrane installed was a 50-mil white IB PVC roof, with hot-air welded seam overlaps. The roof was mechanically fastened to the deck, using corrosion resistant screws and barbed plates, to provide a 130 MPH wind resistance.

We flashed two existing dome skylights, one roof hatch, and about 50 lineal feet of roof to wall / separation wall, using aluminum termination bar.

Why IB PVC Roof?

Although there are cheaper alternatives for a flat roof replacement, IB Roof is the best Flat Roofing material for residential and commercial application. IB Roof is a reinforced PVC membrane that features Fusion Hot Air welded seams and flashing. Hot air welding makes ALL the difference, when it comes to sealing the seams and overlaps.

Unlike traditional roofing materials that rely on sealants to join overlaps, hot air welding creates a permanent physical bond between two sheets of membrane. This means that two pieces essentially become ONE piece. The seam will never come apart (when done correctly) and is actually stronger than the material itself!

By comparison, other flat roof materials that are sealed with bonding adhesive will be leaking in just a few short years, when adhesive (glue) begins to fail. This will result in expensive roof and interior repairs, headaches for you – the owner, and potential frame/substrate rotting and mold.

Watch this short video to see how we at Cool Flat Roof install our IB roofing material:

In this video you can see a welded seam being pulled apart immediately after welding, and it does not break. It means that your roof will always stay water-tight and leaks free. This is the Cool Flat Roof difference!

IB Roof installation in Brooklyn NY – Tech Specs

Rebuilding Dome Skylights

Old glass dome skylights on this roof were leaking, and glass was cracked in many places. We took the old domes apart, custom fabricated new wire-reinforced glass and built a new aluminum frame in place of the old one.

Once assembly was complete, we flashed skylight curbs with IB membrane, and IB pre-fabricated outside corner flashing accessories, that were hot-air welded in place to provide lifetime leaks – free flashing at the base of skylights.

IB Roof Skylight Flashing - Brooklyn, NY

IB Roof Skylight Flashing – Brooklyn, NY

On top of new skylights, we custom-fabricated welded aluminum caps, to ensure the top of each skylight is water-tight.

Roof Hatch Flashing

The old roof hatch was a rusted tin covered wood door. The hatch curb was basically a wooden frame covered in tar, to prevent water from going inside. We wrapped the hatch cover and hatch curb with IB membrane, and welded IB outside corner flashings at the base of the curb to make it water-tight and give it a nice, clean look, consistent with the rest of the roof.

New Roof Hatch - IB Roof in Brooklyn, NY

New Roof Hatch – IB Roof in Brooklyn, NY

Roof Separation Wall Flashing

A separation wall is an artificial structure on the roof, made to physically separate roofs from each other. This helps individual roof / condo owners to identify whose roof is leaking and to make sure that a neighbor’s roof is not affected during roof installation or repair. However, the separation wall can often be a source of leaks itself. Often, a heavy clay tile set in mortar covers the separation wall, and the roof is terminated under the tiles.

To make sure that our roof is leak free, we ran an IB membrane up the separation wall, sealed it to the wall with IB Water Stop sealant, and attached it to the wall with aluminum termination bar and masonry anchors. This will ensure that flashing stays in place in water does not get behind it, even when there is over a foot of snow on the roof.

Lower entrance / basement roof

This flat roof replacement job also had a small entrance roof on the back of the house. Originally, it was covered with rolled asphalt roofing. As part of the installation, we also replaced the lower roof, so that all flat roof sections on this house had a new, Lifetime IB PVC membrane, giving it years of leaks-free protection.

Lower Entrance Roof - Brooklyn, NY

Lower Entrance Roof – Brooklyn, NY

Getting a Flat Roof replacement or installation in NY

If you live anywhere in New York State, NYC, or Long Island, and have problems with your flat (or sloped) roof, Cool Flat Roof is the best contractor for the job. Contact us to get a free roof replacement quote in NY.

To get a free roofing estimate, please call us at 617-444-9020 or fill out our NY free roofing estimate form.

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