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Flat Roofing Prices: IB Roof Installation Costs in MA, RI, CT and NY.

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When it comes to replacing your flat roof, you need to think long-term. Getting a cheaper roof, such as EPDM Rubber, may be appealing at first, but if you are looking for a long lasting, durable, leak free, energy efficient and low maintenance roofing membrane, an IB PVC Roof is the best choice.

IB is a premium product and costs more than most other flat roofing materials. Here we review flat roofing cost structure and, IB Roof prices and packages that we offer in Massachusetts and surrounding states ( CT, RI, NH, ME and VT).

Flat Roof Replacement Cost: Residential and Commercial

At some point, there comes a time when flat roof patches stop working and it needs to be replaced. Installation price from every roofing company also includes that company’s overhead or cost of running the business. An established roofing company should be fully insured.

This includes adequate Liability and Worker’s Comp Insurance. If, for example, you get a very low bid, consider that the bidder might not be adequately insured or have no insurance at all. If that is the case and you hire such a contractor, you will be responsible for any damages or injury claims that may occur.

Flat roofing - Lexington, Mass.

Our general pricing for flat roof replacement works in the following manner:

Residential flat roofs are priced at $675 per square for a simple roof, with no existing roof removal. This includes 50-mil IB Roof membrane, 1/2 inch foam insulation with 2 r-value, perimeter pressure-treated wood nailer and half-roll membrane around the roof edges for wind-uplift prevention.

Roof attachment using heavy-duty screws and barbed plates, 6 inches O.C. along the perimeter and 12 inches O.C. in-field. All required roofing parts and accessories are included.

flat roof home

Generally, for a 1000 sq. ft. residential home, your cost should be around $6750 for an average (simple) roof. If you would like to upgrade the membrane type or add more insulation, this will slightly increase your price. Please note: For all residential installations, all IB roofing membranes come with a lifetime residential warranty, therefore there is no need to upgrade from 50 to 80-mil product, as both will perform equally well in protecting your roof from the elements, and will remain water-tight throughout their service life and beyond.

Average Flat Roof Costs in US Average Flat Roof Costs in US
Rubber Roof
PVC Roof
TPO Roof

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Commercial flat roofs are priced at $600 per square for roofs over 25 squares (2500 sq. ft.) The price difference from residential roofs is due to ‘economy-of-scale’ factors and lower per-square ‘setup’ and insurance costs.If your commercial roof is around 50 squares you can expect a $30000 price range.

Use our interactive roof price calculator to estimate the cost of you roofing project. You can choose different roof options and difficulty level. You will get ‘quotes’ for an IB roof, as well as other roofing products, and approximate energy-savings derived from using an IB roof.

Please Note: All prices described above are assuming an ‘average’ roofing project and may/will change depending on your roof’s condition and scope of work required. The price may change in either direction, and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

IB Roof Packages and Prices in New England

We are a premium roofing contractor, and we do not compete with other roofing companies solely on price. Our roof packages are priced according to the superior quality, warranty and customer service we provide.

All packages described below include roof installation in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and state/local building codes. They also include the cost of building permits, material warranty and our labor warranty. Prices below do not include tear-off of the existing roof, as that usually varies a lot from one flat roof to another. The cost of a tear-off is determined on a case-by-case basis, when we perform a roof inspection.

Please refer to our Residential roofing and/or Commercial roofing sections to see the available material / color / membrane thickness options available for your particular roof.

Package 1 – 50-mil white residential IB Roof with Lifetime warranty:

Our basic and the most popular roof package, includes 50-mil white IB Roofing membrane with all necessary trim, flashings and accessories such as drip edge, air-vents, inside/outside corner flashings, drains, etc., and 1/2 inch fanfold Styrofoam insulation.

Cost of this package starts at around $675 per square (100 sq. ft.) of roof area.

Package 2 – IB Traditions flat Roof – Architectural Shingles Pattern imprinted onto the membrane:

IB Traditions was created specifically for low-slope roofs with aesthetics in mind. They offer the beautiful look of architectural shingle combined with proven reliability of an IB roofing membrane to give you decades of leak-free performance and curb-appeal. IB Traditions come in three color options: Sierra Vista ( beige / brown ), Stony Ridge (grey) and Mountain Spruce (green). To maintain a consistent shingles look, all IB Traditions installation feature hand-welding of all seams, and use special accessories / flashings designed to match the aesthetics of IB Traditions.

Cost per square for IB Traditions is $775-825, and includes 1/2 insulation and all necessary trim and flashings.

Package 3 – 80-mil white residential IB Roof with a Lifetime warranty:

Includes 80-mil white membrane, 1/2 insulation and all necessary trim / accessories / flashings. Cost per 1 square is $800. If you are looking for an 80-mil Color IB roof, there are six standard colors available and $850 per square. For custom colors the minimum order must be 100 squares ( This is the requirement of IB Roof Systems, and we have no control over it).

Are you excited about an IB Roof?

Fill out our Roofing Estimate Request form and indicate which IB product you are most interested in, as well as details about your roof. We will contact you very soon after receiving your request, and we will work with you to provide the best roofing system available!

Average Flat Roof Costs in US Average Flat Roof Costs in US
Rubber Roof
PVC Roof
TPO Roof

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Flat Roof Installation and Consulting

Cool Flat Roof - full service roofing company. We provide installation and Consulting services
We are an Eco-Friendly, full service flat roofing company specializing in installation of Cool Roofing systems for a wide range of Residential and Commercial roofing projects. We carry all necessary General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurances, OSHA certifications, and are a Licensed IB Roof installer.

Installation Services

We offer a complete-package roof installation service, from pulling all necessary building permits, to coordinating with other contractors and service providers (such as utility companies, architects, etc.) involved in your roofing project. We specialize in Energy-Efficient flat roofing solutions for Residential flat roofs and Commercial / Restaurant flat roofs. We strive to provide our customers, with Eco-Friendly roofing solutions that are recyclable, and will help you conserve energy, as well as benefit environment.

Our installers and roof mechanics work safely, wear all necessary safety equipment and use state of the art installation tools and equipment. We pay top wages, and provide premium workmanship and services.

Installation Service Details:

For flat and low-slope roofing applications, we exclusively install IB Cool roofing single-ply membranes with up-to 25 years Commercial and Lifetime Residential warranties.

Unmatched Labor Warranty

While a standard labor warranty in the roofing industry (a minimum required by law) is the 2-year period, all our roof installations include a Labor warranty that matches the material warranty (i.e., 80-mil IB membrane has a 25 year material warranty, which we match with our 25-year labor warranty).

CoolFlatRoof Quality Promise: We are so confident in the quality of IB roofing systems and our installation, that we guarantee our roofs against any leaks. If the roof we installed ever leaks due to installation error, not only will we fix it, but we will also give you a check for $250.

Licenses and Registrations

    We hold all necessary State Construction Licenses and Registrations:

  • MA Home-Improvement Contractor registration (HIC) and Unrestricted Construction Supervisor License (CSL)
  • CT Home-Improvement Contractor registration (HIC) and Major Contractor Registration
  • RI Home-Improvement Registration and Special Commercial Roofing Contractor Registration

Consulting Services

Cool Flat Roof - full service roofing company. We provide installation and Consulting services
We offer roofing consultation services which include a complete analysis of your present roof condition, inspection of structural components, roof deck and roof insulation. We analyze your roof’s drainage situation, and identify whether you may need more insulation, drains / scupper, or other roof components installed to improve your roof’s performance and extend its service life. We will provide you with a complete report of what has to be done on your roof, and identify parts you may not need. We can also negotiate with your General Contractor and/or Architect on your behalf, to get you the right products/services, while including needed items, and eliminating unnecessary and costly ones. This will prevent future “change orders” and up-charges from your GC / Architect / Contractor, and save you money and frustration.

Our Customer’s Comments:

CoolFlatRoof installed an IB roof on a flat section of my house. They did an excellent job. I had problems for years with leaks and would hire someone to repair it, but after awhile it would leak again. It had never leaked since Leo and Alex put this excellent roof on my house. It also seems to be more insulated: warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Thanks guys. I recommend you to everyone who mentions a roofing problem. – Jack from Providence, RI

Flat Roof Leaks and Repair Information

When your flat roof begins to leak, the process is irreversible, and the sooner you start to deal with these issues, the less you will have to spend on repairs and roof replacement.

For your convenience, we created a series of roofing guides that will help you choose the best solution for your flat roof and provide you with information that many roofing contractors and manufacturers do not want you to know. Check out our Do-It-Yourself Guides for rubber roof repair and tar & gravel roof repair for immediate steps you can take to temporarily stop roof leaks, until you can perform a complete re-roof. You can also read our comprehensive Flat Roof Repair Guide to gain insight into issues associated with leaks, costs involved in repair, and ways to minimize your expenses.

Discover different types of flat roofing materials and choose the best roofing product for your home or business. It is a shame that in the 21st century many roofing contractors still use 19th century roofing technology, which is inferior, inefficient and cost you more than a modern single-ply roof. Learn about different single-ply flat roofing systems and compare them to IB Roofs, the leading manufacturer of long-lasting cool flat roofing products.

Compare the two leading single-ply cool roofing products in our PVC vs. TPO roofing guide.

Flat Roofing Job Profiles: Industrial, Commercial and Residential

IB SolarWise – Integrated Solar PV Flat Roofing Systems

Dear readers, we are getting an overwhelming amount of questions about IB Solar Wise PV systems, cost of solar, efficiency of IB SolarWise PV system vs. conventional Solar panels, and whether solar will work for you. To answer most of these questions we have created a comprehensive solar PV planning and design guide. Please familiarize yourself with how solar works, solar terminology and Solar PV Roofing price structure – find out how much solar PV roofing should cost – Solar PV prices.

Quick Page Navigation:

  • What is IB SolarWise PV? – Introduction to roof-integrated Solar PV system produced by leaders in flat roofing and renewable energy – IB Roofs and Uni-Solar
  • IB SolarWise video – Watch IB Solar PV roofing system in action – installation, performance and financial benefits
  • Prices of IB SolarWise PV – Estimate how much an IB Solar PV roofing system will cost for your project before any Federal Renewable Energy Tax credits and State solar rebates
  • Why should you want a roof-integrated Solar PV system? – Learn why BIPV is the way to go when you want to switch to solar PV, and probable consequences of using conventional solar systems
  • Financial benefits of IB SolarWise – Discover why IB solarwise is the least expensive solar PV system to install and maintain

IB SolarWise roof-integrated Photo-Voltaic Systems

IB SolarWise Roofing is a Revolutionary Product combining Permanent Flat Roofing and Renewable Energy in one easy-to install, leaks-proof flat roofing solution for environment and money conscious Home and Business owners, and has a pay-off period of under 5 years*, while industry standard is 7-10 years or more.

IB SolarWise utilizes Thin Film laminate Solar PV modules produced by Uni-Solar – a US manufacturer of Solar products. Both IB Roofs and Uni-Solar have been in business for over 30 years, and combining their respective experience in Flat Roofing and Solar Photo-Voltaic gives you the highest quality, Super-Energy-Efficient product for Residential, Commercial or Industrial buildings.

SolarWise is more than just a system – it is a way to integrate two different system to work seamlessly, to be leaks free and maintain its warranty, without incurring additional costs for the building owner.

IB Solar Wise helps roofing contractors and solar integrators eliminate their biggest worries – leaks and solar photovoltaic equipment damages by creating a seamless integration between two previously incompatible technologies.

IB Solar Wise - building integrated PV systems that seamlessly installs with IB single-ply flat roofing membranes with no roof penetrations. Generate free electricity, and have your Solar PV system pay for itself in under 5 years!

IB SolarWise Video

Until recently, availability of IB SolarWise system, solar integrators had to rely on caulking and screws to attach solar panels to the roof surface. This created leak problems, for which solar integrators did not want to take responsibility. Roofing contractors were ‘terrified’ of solar equipment and its sky-high replacement cost in case of damage during roof repair. Now all these problems are eliminated by integrating solar PV components into a long-lasting IB roofing membrane, resulting in the elimination of leaks, reduced solar and roofing installation & materials costs and reduced requirement for dead-weight load on the structural components of the building.

IB SolarWise Prices

Here we will demonstrate a cost structure for a hypothetical 3 KW solar PV system installed on a roof of a home or a business. Do understand that this cost includes the installation of IB Roof, BIPV Solar panels, Inverter, wiring, etc., and the prices are provided “before” any Federal tax credits and State rebates for solar and other renewable energy projects.

Lets assume that our roof is an average residential roof that is 1500 sq. ft., which has a slight pitch and is positioned in a southern direction with no shading (perfect conditions for solar PV installation). Please note that the slope of the roof, shading or southern exposure do not directly affect your cost for a solar system, but these conditions will affect your system’s efficiency and total electricity output. Theoretically, on a 1500 sq. ft. roof, we can install up to 7 KW of IB Solar Panels, but for the purposes of this example we will use 3 KW system mentioned before.

There is a lot of confusion about how the solar PV systems are priced – many people assume that solar is priced by Square Foot, but that is not the case. Because Solar Panels from various manufacturers have different efficiency, the electricity produced by 15 sq. ft. panel from Manufacturer A can be double that produced by same size panel made by Manufacturer B. Therefore, all solar PV systems are priced by their output measured by Watts DC. The average industry cost for solar PV systems that are rack-mounted and installed on an asphalt shingles roof of a residential homes range from $10 to $12 per Watt DC.

IB SolarWise PV system utilizes a thin-film Solar PV laminates produced by Uni-Solar Ovonics. These solar panels have lesser efficiency than a more common crystalline silicon panels (big aluminum boxes) per sq. ft., therefore they require more space to have a large size solar array installed. However that is rarely a concern, as usually there is plenty of unused, unshaded space on the roof. Prices of IB Solar Wise PV are in the range of $13-14 per Watt DC. This is slightly more than your conventional PV panels, but it also includes a Lifetime roof, and provides a complete, watertight system, which is guaranteed not to leak, as is often the case with conventional PV systems installed on rack mounting systems, which are bolted to the roof.

The $13-14 per Watt DC figure is flexible and a lot depends on the size of the roof and the size of the solar system (number of KWatts), and in some cases can actually be on par with cost of conventional Solar systems, which do not include the roof. Each individual project will be different, so use these numbers for reference only.

Also we recommend that you read the next section of this article, discussing why you would want to have a roof-integrated solar system installed vs. a conventional solar system.

Installation of solar roofing

Solar Flat Roofing: Cautionary tale with the end in mind

Foreword: This story is fictional in nature but real in substance, and definitely happened before.

A brave, responsible, and hard-working person – Jack – decides that installing a Solar PV system is not only beneficial for the environment, but is also a sound investment. So after doing the due-diligence, he lines up a solar integrator to install a Solar System on his 7 years-old flat roof. The roof has no signs of leaks and Jack feels that there won’t be any problems.

The solar integrator knows his job well and completes the project in a timely manner, applying for and receiving all the available incentives for the client. The system performs well as expected, and generates the expected amount of electricity. All goes well.

3-5 years later, the roof begins to leak and Jack is faced with a dilemma. He needs to stop the leaks but the solar equipment is in the way. The roofing contractor who is supposed to fix the leak hesitates to move the solar equipment, which prevents him from fixing the roof. The only option is to remove the solar panels array completely, remove the old roof, install a new roof, and then put the solar array back.

Excluding the cost of re-roofing, as it is not related to the solar system, the hero of our story had to pay at least a dollar/watt for removal and a dollar/watt to put back the solar panels. Lets say he had a small commercial system of 10 kW or 10,000 watts. This means that he had to pay an EXTRA $20,000 just to take the solar system off and put it back on, so the roofing crew could do the work.

Why was this a cautionary story with the END in mind? Very simple: Jack could avoid the extra expense of $20,000 by using a roof-integrated solar system such as IB SolarWise. Cases like this one happen all too often, and not just with flat roofs. A more common example would be an asphalt shingle roof with a solar pv system, where shingles not covered by solar panels deteriorate at a normal rate and will have to be replaced about every 15 years. Lets face it: shingles rarely last more than 15 years. Consider all the roof penetrations from the solar panels’ rack mounts and the roof lasts 12 years, after which the repair process described above has to take place, unless of course you are willing to take the leaks.

IB SolarWise roof saves you money in FOUR ways

1 – IB Cool White PVC roofing membrane reflects up to 90% Sun’s heat, thus your AC does not have to work as hard as if you had a black roof. Read more about benefits of IB Cool Flat Roofs.

2 – SolarWise PV modules (solar panels) generate free electricity** by converting sunlight into Electricity you can actually use, so you do not have to buy it from your utility company, or you buy a lot less than you had to before. In some cases, your IB SolarWise PV system will produce MORE electricity than you expected, and you electric company will buy it from you at retail price, in states that have Net Metering laws (most states).

You will also be able to sell so called Renewable Energy Credits or RECs to give you even more money for extra electricity that you produce, thus speeding-up your pay-off period! But that is not all – there are also numerous incentives, grants and tax-rebates offered by Federal, State and local Governments, as well as your utility companies.

3 – IB Roof’s durability and proven performance ensures years of leaks-free operation of your roof, as well as virtually no maintenance. As a result, you save money on flat roof and interior repair, which you will otherwise incur with other flat roofing systems, notorious for constant roof leaks.

4 – IB SolarWise PV system will save you money on the installation costs. SolarWise PV is a Building-Integrated PV (BI-PV), which means it is actually a part of the IB flat roofing system. This eliminates the need to use expensive solar panel mounts, brackets and railings that take long to install, therefore adding a lot of money to the total cost of the installation.

How does IB SolarWise PV work?

IB SolarWise PV produces a DC-current, which goes into an Inverter where it becomes an AC-current. The inverter is connected to you home’s or building’s electric circuit and also to your meter. You use all the electricity you need, while ALL excess electricity goes into the Grid. Electricity that goes into the grid is purchased from you by your utility company through Net Metering, usually at retail price.

Most of the electricity produced by the SolarWise PV system occurs in the summer, when days are longer and more sunlight is available. At the same time, people will usually use a lot more electricity in the summer to run the Air Conditioning units, so depending on the “size” of your solar system, you will produce more, less or the same amount of electricity than you actually consume. However, practice shows that in the summer months, Solar systems produce more electricity than is consumed. Therefore, all excess kWh sent to the grid in the summer you will use in the winter, when a lot less sunlight is available.

Download Official IB SolarWise PV Brochure

Note: you will need a PDF Reader to open this brochure. We recommend fast and free Foxit PDF Reader.

Benefits Summary

With all the positive qualities of IB SolarWise PV system is the Best solution available for anyone looking to have an energy-efficient Cool Flat Roof and a Solar PV system. IB SolarWise PV offers the best of flat roofing and solar electricity:

  • Lowest Cost per Watt installed with simplified installation and fastest pay-off period of around 5 years!
  • Longest Service Life of both the Roofing System and Solar Modules. IB offers a 20 year Material Warranty for the SolarWise PV modules and up to 25 year Commercial Warranty with its 80-mil flat roofing membrane – the highest commercial warranty available from any flat roofing manufacturer.Homeowners will enjoy IB’s Lifetime Residential Warranty on any IB roofing product. You will not find it anywhere else, guaranteed! IB Roof Warranty Summary
  • Fully Integrated Solution eliminates the risk of roof leaks, often associated with regular Solar systems! Light Weight of about 1 lb. / sq. ft. eliminates the need to upgrade the structural components of your flat roof, which further reduces your costs.
  • SolarWise PV is BI-PV, which qualifies it for additional incentives and rebates from State and Federal government and other

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is designed to cover the topics that you are most interested in, and always ask us about.

  • Q: Can I install IB Solar Wise panels over EPDM Rubber (Modified Bitumen, Tar roof, etc)
  • A: No. IB SolarWise PV system must be installed over an IB roof. The solar panels are welded down to the IB PVC roofing membrane, which acts as a water-tight barrier and a substrate for IB Solar
  • Q: How much does a square foot of IB Solar PV cost?
  • A: IB SolarWise PV system as well as other solar systems are not priced by the square foot, but rather by $/Watt DC. Please refer to our IB Solar PV pricing section for more details
  • Q: What is the output of IB SolarWise PV module?
  • A: IB SolarWise PV modules come use 4 Uni-Solar thin-film laminates per module. Each Unisolar module is 136 Watts DC, so each IB SolarWise PV module is 544 Watts. You also have an option of getting modules that are 1/2 the physical and output size and are 272 watts.
  • Q: How many KW of IB solar can I install on my roof?
  • A: The 544 Watt IB SolarWise PV modules is 19 feet long by 6 feet wide and require 120 sq. feet of unshaded roof area. Therefore, for 1 Kilowatt of electrical output, you will need about 200 sq. feet of roof. However, since IB Solar modules come in sizes of 544 Watts, you need to calculate how many modules you want installed and how much unshaded roof area you have.

Solar PV References and Resources

To learn more information and methods of designing a solar house, visit our GreenSolar – Renewable Energy Blog. There, you will find detailed guides to creating a Net Zero Energy consumption home, that utilizes Solar and Geothermal technologies that are available on the market today.

Solar PV installation Prices – Detailed guide to $$/Watt price-structure of SolarWise PV and other solar systems.

Solar Rebates and Incentives Guide – Summary of Federal, State and Local tax credits, grants, rebates, incentives for installation of Solar PV systems – both for Residential and Commercial installation. Make your Solar PV profitable from the day it is installed!

Solar PV Price Estimator – Calculate the approximate PV System-size in Watts, Cost/Watt and the Price to install your SolarWise PV system, and an IB Roof of your choice.

Solar PV Pay-off / Break-Even Guide – Detailed look at how Solar PV works, Solar systems design, and how you can get Free Electricity. Speed up the pay-off period of your SolarWise PV. In some instances you can make your Solar PV profitable from the day it is installed!

IB Roof References and Resources

IB Green/Roof-top Garden Roofs – If you are Eco/Environmentally conscious, or just want more Green in your live, and have a flat roof Home or Office building, see why IB Roof is the perfect choice for your Greed Roof!

Green Resources Directory – Visit other Green / Eco-Friendly resources available online.

Roofing Price Calculator: Estimate the Cost of Flat Roof Replacement

This Free Roofing Price Calculator is designed to give you a rough idea of how much it is going to cost to install a new flat roof, or to replace an existing one. It will also calculate approximate energy savings derived from installing white* (most energy efficient) IB membrane vs. black rubber (EPDM) or Tar & Gravel/BUR roof.

Quick Navigation:

  • How roofing cost is calculated – Understanding the roofing price structure and the specifics of our calculator.
  • Learn how to use our roofing calculator – If you have questions on how to use our calculator, or need to know which info about your roof is required, read this quick user guide.
  • Roofing material price updates – Because roofing materials as many other products are dependant on price of oil &amp and other factors, we’ll update you on any major change in roof material costs.

Calculate you roofing cost now!

Roof dimensions: x

# ft. (numbers only)

Insulation thickness:
Relative Roof Difficulty:
Tear off existing roof:

Approximate Roofing project price (press ‘Calculate Roof Price’ button to get results) – Sometimes you will have to wait a few seconds to get the price results:

Get an IB single-ply roofing membrane installed on your roof – fill out our roofing estimate request and get a free price quote customized to your roof.

Please remember: these prices indicate approximate cost to install a 50-mil white IB Roof, 80-mil IB or the residential IB Traditions Membrane over an average size home (in a 1000 sq. ft. range). Above roofing prices DO NOT indicate installation costs of IB DeckShield or flat roof deck/patio with PT wood installation.

Please note that if you are still receiving last year’s prices, there is a good chance that you will receive a sub-par service, and/or your roofing contractor will use every chance to reduce their costs ( cut corners whenever possible ). No roofing contractor is immune from rising material prices unless they hold a huge inventory (nearly impossible). Therefore, if you get a “great deal”, you may not get a great roof.

How to interpret the instant price quote:

We want you to know that your actual installation cost may vary based on the specifics of your roof and your roof difficulty, and the roofing contractor you use – refer to our roofing price guide for more insight on how roofing contractors come up with their prices. Also, you should know that the price for Tar and Epdm roof material greatly depends on the price of OIL, which was trading at its all time high of $147 per barrel in July of 2008. Although oil prices have fallen dramatically since then, the material costs remained the same and in some cases (for asphalt-bases products such as shingles, rolled roofing, built-up roofs, modified bitumen and EPDM rubber) they actually continue to increase – the last major price increase occurred in March 2009 with all the major roofing manufacturers. Since we DO NOT install Epdm or Tar roofs, we provide you with our estimated cost, based on our experience. Epdm and Tar roof prices also vary from one roofing company to another.

Dear visitors, please be aware that results of our calculator do not always reflect the price quote you are going to receive from us. Our calculator is designed to provide approximate pricing to install a 50-mil white IB roofing membrane on an average size home (1000-2000 sq. ft.). If your roof is small (about 300-400 sq. ft.), then your cost/sq. ft will likely be higher than results from this calculator. This is due to the fact that our set-up costs remain the same, while the amount of work is smaller.

Like-wise, if your roof is large, your cost per sq. foot may be lower, depending on various variables. There is no exact formula on how the price is calculated, as there are too many factors affecting the price of each particular roof, and including them would make our roofing calculator too complicated to use.

Also bear in mind that Specialty Membranes such as IB Traditions for Residential low-slope roofing or 80-mil IB roof will be slightly more expensive compared to a standard 50 mil roof.

IB DeckShield or 80-mil membrane assembly with Pressure Treated wood on top for walk-on flat roof decks will be considerably more per sq. ft., compared to results from our calculator. Please refer to our flat roof decks section of our website for explanation of our walkable flat roof assembly for both Deck-Shield and 80-mil with PT or composition deck.

How to use this roof price calculator

Plug in your roof dimensions into the calculator. Make sure you account for any overhangs / soffits, as that may add significant area to you total roof size. If your roof has an odd shape ( ‘L’ shape or similar ) you can divide your roof into virtual ‘rectangular blocks’ and add up all your measurements to get the total square footage. Plug in that number and multiply it by 1. For example: if your roof is 2300 sq. ft., type 2300 x 1 into ‘roof dimensions’ section of calculator.

Use appropriate ‘roof difficulty’ setting to get a more accurate roof price estimation. Although your roof may look simple, roof penetrations like sky-lights, chimneys specialty vents, AC units, etc. take a long time to flash correctly, therefore adding a significant amount to the total price tag of the roof.

Choose the desired insulation thickness. Insulation makes up a significant part of total material cost, and in some cases may cost more than the roofing membrane itself. Having good insulating value may seem expensive at first, but it will greatly reduce your energy costs, eventually paying for itself. However, if you already have some insulation, adding more will not have a dramatic effect compared to having no insulation at all.

When comparing prices of an IB roof and the cheaper alternatives like Epdm rubber, bear in mind that total roofing cost concept. While IB has a higher initial cost of installation, the difference in price will be more than offset by savings in future roof repairs, energy savings, and virtually no maintenance required for the IB flat roof.

When looking at the numbers produced by this calculator, bear in mind that each roof is different, and your actual cost will depend on your roof’s difficulty level, as well as a number of other factors, such as ease of access, IB membrane thickness and the type you choose, insulation thickness, etc.

Relative Roof Difficulty: Please Choose according to how many through-roof penetrations/HVAC units/Skylights/Vent or
Hot-stack pipes, etc., are on the roof, as this will make a significant price difference. The more penetrations, the more precision
work will have to be performed.

Roofing Material Price Update – June 20, 2008

As you know the price of oil increased more than 80% in the last 6 months, which in effect increased the transportation and food costs. However, unless you are a roofer, or involved with the construction industry, you may not know that roofing material prices have also risen more than 30%. This is especially true for roofing materials such as Rubber, Asphalt and Modified Bitumen roofing, as they all use oil-byproducts as one of the base components. Since roofing contractors cannot absorb a 30% increase in material costs, as well as other cost increases such as gasoline price hike of more than 40% since November of 2007, the price of roofing installation is also on the rise. Expect a 10-20% increase in the roof price for the above mentioned roofing materials (EPDM, Mod. Bit. and Built-Up Roofing).

IB Roof Material Price Update – Sept. 30, 2008

As with most other construction materials, IB roofs are not immune to rising manufacturing, materials and transportation costs. We had two material price increases – one on July 1st and a second one in the beginning of September. In total, materials prices went up 18% for us, as well as increasing transportation costs.

Fortunately, we purchased a stock of 50-mil white IB membrane before the July 1st increase in prices, so for a limited time we can still offer June installation prices. This is of-course until the stock runs out. Don’t wait too long.

We have modified our roofing price calculator to reflect the recent material cost hikes by a reasonable 10%. These installation prices assume that a roof is installed by a reputable roofing company that is fully insured and licensed, and specializes in flat roofing. If you get a “great” deal from someone, don’t be surprised if your seemingly inexpensive roof leaks soon after it is installed, and your roofing contractor is nowhere to be found. Refer to our flat roof repair guide for some insight and ideas on what to do if your roof leaks and what your options and costs are.

* IB White Membrane has the highest solar reflectance rate of almost 90%. Energy savings refer to the avoided cost of
electricity to operate the AC in the summer. Our calculator does not consider the R-value of insulation as a savings factor.
However, the thicker the insulation, the more savings you’ll realize all year round.

** Savings are calculated assuming the electricity rates in Metro Boston area from N-Star, effective April 1, 2007.
The going rate then was $0.1875 / kWh, for the consumption of 1000 kWh per month. Electricity rates found in the following
report from Hydro Quebec:
Hydro Quebec Electricity Rates
report – 2007
Your actual rate may vary. To calculate your rate per kWh, look at your last 12 electric bills. Add all 12
statement balances (exclude any previous balances, late fees or other misc. charges not related to your energy use), and divide by the total number of kWh consumed.