Metal Roofing Installation in MA

Metal is the best and longest lasting roofing material that you can install on your sloped roof, and it offers a number of benefits that cannot be matched by other materials. While a metal roof is not the least expensive option out there, it will actually be less expensive in the long run, than installing multiple asphalt roofs, and dealing with roof leaks and hassles involved in replacing your roof.

Superior Protection You Can Count On

A metal roof will protect your home from rain, snow, and most important in the north east – ice dams. Metal roofing is ice dams proof, as it sheds ice and snow, and its design prevents ice dams from causing roof leaks, as is the case with asphalt shingles. You won’t have to rely on faulty and often failing ice and water barrier, or other gimmicks to protect your home from regular roof leaks, and those caused by ice dams.

Metal Roof Installation

Installation of metal roofing materials is our specialty, and we have extensive experience in dealing with even the most complicated roofs. We have installed virtually every metal roofing system there is, and have created and perfected special ways of dealing with and preventing common roof leaks. Here is one of the examples of how we install metal roofing to prevent leaks through ridge vent opening.

Our Unique Approach to Metal Roofing Installation

We pay special attention and dedicate extra time to roof details which are the most susceptible to roof leaks:

  • Valley flashing.
  • Chimney flashing.
  • Skylights.
  • Roof to wall connection.
  • Roof pitch change.
  • Ridge vents.
  • Eave flashing (ice dams preventions).
  • Roof ventilation.

While any roofing company can install a field metal roofing panel, the items above are what usually cause roof leaks. This is where we stand out from the crowd, with our expertise and special attention to detail on every one of these challenging roof components. Installing your roof right, is our main goal!

Roofing Job Videos in MA, CT and RI

Here you will find video profiles of roofs we installed in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. These videos will demonstrate how the roof was installed from beginning to end, as well showcase short excerpts taken during roof installation, such as installing standing seam metal roofing panels, or hot-air welding of seams on IB PVC roof installations. Most videos are available in High Definition (HD 720P) to better show the details of the work performed.

You can also check out our roofing job profiles gallery which shows some of the roofs we installed in MA, CT and RI. Roof video profiles here will be presented in no particular order. If we’ve already written a full job profile, we’ll reference it below the video.

You can see more of our roofing videos on our YouTube Roof Video channel.

New Roof installation videos, added in March 2011

IB Flat Roof installаtion with Tapered ISO insulation- Cambridge, MA

IB PVC flat roof installation with 1/8″ tapered ISO insulation in Wayland, MA

IB PVC Flat Roof installation wit 3″ ISO insulation in Weston, MA

Flat roof installation and slate roof repair in Brookline MA

This PVC flat roof was installed in Brookline, MA on a roof of a home undergoing major renovations. The old rubber roof (with 5 layers of tar roofing underneath the rubber) was leaking, and the slate roof adjoining the flat roof was also in poor shape.

We removed old roofing, wet insulation and the old slate roof, and installed new plywood over the entire roof deck, 20-r value 3.3″ ISO insulation on a flat roof (sloped roof had insulation between the rafters) and new 80 mil IB PVC roof on flat and sloped sections of the roof, 4 inch Dark Bronze drip edge around roof perimeter, and copper drip edge with PVC coated flange on the sloped edges of the roof. The video is in two parts – the first, showing preparation work and slate roof repair, and the second one, showing roof installation.

Part one – roof preparation – tear off, plywood installation and slate roof repair:

Part two – installing insulation and IB PVC Roof:

Standing seam metal roof in Plymouth, MA

This aluminum standing seam metal roof was installed in Plymouth MA in the spring of 2008. The job was about 2500 sq. ft. total. The roofing material was .032″ aluminum metal roof in Patina Green color. Check out the full roofing job profile – Metal Roofing in Plymouth MA.

Rubber roof repair in Boston, MA

This repair was performed on a residential rubber roof in Boston MA in October 2010. We prepared and patched three leaking outside corner flashings – two at HVAC units, and one at a parapet wall. If your rubber roof roof leaks, we offer rubber roof repair service in metro Boston MA, which includes 2 hours of repair work, all needed EPDM flashing materials and accessories, and costs only $375.

80-mil IB PVC flat roof with copper drip-edge in Newton, MA

This new IB roof was installed in Newton, MA in summer 2010. The job features include IB’s new copper drip edge with PVC flange – now you have a choice of not only PVC clad galvanized steel drip edge in white and dark bronze colors, but also stainless steel and real copper drip edge, and the roof system integrity will remain the same as IB material can be welded to the flange of copper drip edge. Check out the IB flat roof installation steps, to see how an IB roof is installed.

This flat roof in Newton MA also had a walk-out roof deck / balcony on the side, for which we used an 80-mil IB membrane with floating deck on top. Check out the complete roof job review of this flat roof in Newton MA.

Metal Shingles Roof in Johnston, RI

This Tamko Metal Works steel shingles roof was installed in the summer of 2007. Back then, the GAF DeckArmor underlayment, which we use on all our metal roof installations, was in it’s first edition – you can see that it is grey, whereas now it is light blue color, and a little thicker and stronger.

This installation included tear off of 2 layers of asphalt shingles, installing the GAF DeckArmor underlayment and Tamko steel metal shingles roof – Stone Crest Slate profile in Vermont Blue color. There are four roof sections and about 75 feet of roof to wall flashing, where we had to remove old ceder shingles siding off the walls, so we could install underlayment and side-wall flashing at least 6 inches up the wall. Total roof size was about 2100 sq. ft.

PVC Roof Repair

Besides rubber roof repair, we also provide PVC roof repair services (as well as TPO roof repair) in the metro Boston area, and within 50-mile travel distance from Boston. Here are two examples of PVC roof repair that we did. In all PVC roof repairs, we use new IB PVC roofing material, and MEK cleaning solution or acetone to clean and prepare an old roof for welding a new membrane. Check out our PVC Roof Repair page.

Trocal PVC roof repair using IB PVC membrane in West Hartford, CT:

Sarnafil PVC roof repair using IB PVC membrane in Needham, MA:

If you like the work we do, and need to replace your old roof or install a new flat or metal roof, or need a rubber or PVC roof repair done, request a roofing estimate, and get a free roofing price quote – click the Roofing Estimate button below or call us at 617-444-9020.

Flat Roofing Insulation

As of June 23, 2008, we now offer our customers a choice of using Recycled on New Poly-Iso insulation.

Benefits of using recycled insulation include instant and continuous financial benefits. Since we get recycled ISO board at a discount, we pass on the savings to you, and with more insulation for the same amount of money you would spend on a new ISO, you will continue to save money on your energy costs year round.

But that’s not all! Although ISO insulation is not “green” per-se, using recycled insulation is a green choice, since by reducing your energy consumption, you will contribute to the reduction of carbon monoxide emitted into the atmosphere. Moreover, by using recycled insulation, you save space in our nation’s landfills, another invaluable benefit to the environment.

Types of insulation we use:

By default we use a 1/2 inch fan-fold Styrofoam insulation, which is mostly used when there is already some insulation on the roof. Fan-fold insulation comes with 2-R value, so it will add some insulating value to the roof. It also acts as a separation barrier between the deck or old roofing material and IB membrane. Fanfold insulation is attached with heavy-duty screws and corrosion-resistant insulation plates. It is light-weight, features quick installation and is ideal for a roof layover. It is also the most economical option.

Another option you have is to use a common ‘new-construction’ and complete roof replacement choice of insulation – Poly ISO board, which comes in a wide range of sizes and features high R-values from 3 to 20-R. Sizes include 1/2, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.3 inches and R-value is calculated using 6-R per 1 inch of insulation.

If drainage is a concern, ISO insulation comes in tapered design which has different thicknesses at each end, and is used to create pitch ( slope ) on a completely flat roof. Slope is usually directed toward drains or drip edges and diverts the water flow to where it can exit the roof.

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