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We have plenty of knowledge about roofing, and here we will share some of it with you. With the help of our step-by-step how-to guides, you will be able to grasp the principles of finding a roof leak on a flat roofs such as Modified Bitumen, Tar & Gravel or Epdm rubber membrane. You will also learn hot to best fix these leaks and which tools and roofing supplies to use or to avoid.

Good Luck with your Do-it-yourself roof repair and if you are looking to replace your old roof with a Lifetime IB PVC cool roofing system, feel out our easy roofing price quote and estimate request form.

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Roof Learning Center provides helpful roofing guides for Do It Yourself enthusiasts. Features educational roofing articles that address common roofing problems including Ice Dam build up, failing shingles, valley roof leaks, and roof repair articles. Find out things you should know when choosing a roofing contractor.

Flat Roofing Guide:

IB Flat Roofs – IB PVC single-ply membrane roofing – Products, Installation methods, system component and benefits of installing IB Cool roof.

Flat roofing prices – Detailed guide into the price-structure of flat roof installation. Discover why there is such a discrepancy in pricing from different roofing contractors bidding on the same roofing job. Learn the consequences of hiring the lowest-bidding roofing company that does not carry any insurance, and does not stand behind their work.

Flat Roofing technology guide – Overview of different flat roofing products and systems present on the market today, and installed on flat roofs throughout New England and US.

Roofing cost calculator – Calculate the cost to install a new IB roofing system and get instant quotes for other flat roof types such as Epdm rubber, Tar and Gravel and built-up roofs. You will also be able to estimate approximate annual energy savings that you will receive if you install a cool white IB single ply roof.

Roof Repair Guide – When a flat roof leaks, it is advisable to know all your options and what to expect from temporary flat roof fixes. This flat roofing repair guide outlines the possible scenarios and costs involved in patching up a flat roof as compared to a complete replacement.

Rubber roof repair – DIY guide to fixing rubber (EPDM) roof systems.

Tar&Gravel roof repair – DIY guide to fixing Tar & Gravel / Built-Up roof systems.

Single-Ply Roofs – Brief overview of different single ply roofing membrane technologies such as PVC (Poly-Vinyl Chloride) or CPA (Co-polymer alloy) – chemically IB’s CPA is equivalent to PVC, Epdm rubber and TPO (thermoplastic olefin roof)

PVC vs. TPO roofing – Detailed comparison of major differences between seemingly identical PVC and TPO membranes. Here we discuss the major issue of TPO’s curing after just a few years in service and its consequential inability to be welded, once the membrane is cured.

Green Flat Roofing – Green roof benefits for urban heat-island effect, design and costs guide.

Flat Roofing Insulation – Recycled Insulation, ISO, Styrofoam and EPS insulation technologies.

Flat Roofing Deck – Overview of roof deck waterproofing products, leak elimination and installation methods. Choose between IB DeckShield and conventional installation using 80-mil IB membrane and wooden deck + railings system

EPDM Rubber Roofing – Overview of flat rubber roofs, contractors installing rubber for residential customers and why homeowners should avoid using rubber as a flat roofing option on their homes.

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Connecticut Flat Roofs – Overview of installation, repair and consulting services that we provide in the state of Connecticut to homeowners and businesses. We specialize in Commercial and Residential roof replacement using IB cool roofing technology. Check out the job profiles for the roofs that we have installed in CT, including a picture gallery and a short video clip.

Massachusetts Flat Roofs – Installation, repair and consulting services for flat roofing projects in MA. We specialize in Commercial and Residential projects. Also you can view some of the flat and Metal Roofing projects that we’ve completed recently. A picture gallery of each roof installation from start to finish.

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Job Profiles:

Some of the Flat Roofs we installed:

Asphalt Shingle textured flat roof – This beautiful IB Traditions roof looks like asphalt shingles, yet it will never leak and will provide energy savings for this gorgeous house in Arlington, MA

Residential Flat & Metal roof (New) This house in Old Lyme, CT had a badly-leaking tar and gravel roof, which caused rotten plywood and some framing. Now it has a Lifetime 80-mil White IB roof and Tamko metal slate.

Flat roof house 80-mil grey IB roof was installed on this residence in Wallingford, CT.

Industrial Flat Roof – TesTex Corporation manufacturing facility in Central Falls, RI

Restaurant Flat Roof – Deli / Meat market located in the tourist attraction of Hampton Beach, NH

Condominium Flat Roof – Residential condos on the East Side of Providence, RI

Apartment Building with Restaurant / Deli Beautiful brick building in the center of North Attleboro, MA had flat roof leaks for years and patching did not help. An IB roof solved all the problems!

Flat Metal Roof – Metal roof acrylic coating – Power Generation Plant in Bellingham, MA

Restaurant Metal Roof – Permanent Aluminum Roof on an IHOP restaurant in Hyannis, MA

Stone-Coated Metal Roof – Beautiful Spanish Tile metal roof on Venus De Milo Restaurant / Reception / Wedding Capitol of Rhode Island located in Swansea, MA

Solar Flat Roofing, Solar PV Guide and Rebates:

Solar flat roofs – IB SolarWise – Building-Integrated Solar PV for flat roofing

Solar PV guide – Prices, ROI, system design & installation guide includes cost break-down for residential and commercial solar systems in MA, CT and RI

Solar Rebates / Incentives – Summary of Federal Tax Credits and State rebate programs for Solar PV and other renewable energy installation in MA, CT, RI

Massachusetts Solar Rebates – Overview of all available Rebates & Incentives for Residential, Commercial and Public buildings solar PV systems

Green Construction Directory and eco-friendly resources:

Green Building Directory – Lists Eco-friendly resources, green construction web-sites, green and solar blogs and construction companies that build green buildings and use energy-saving technologies.

IB Roof Contractors in US and Canada

Green-Living Directory – Sustainability, Eco-Friendly and Renewable links.

DIY Green Home Improvement – List of websites for do-it-yourselfers with the emphasis on green technologies and energy efficiency.

Home Improvement Sites – General home improvement sites with a good number of eco-friendly categories.

Metal Roofing Directory – A list of manufacturers and contractors specializing in Cool, Recyclable and Permanent Steel, Aluminum and Copper metal roofs.

Suppliers of Metal products – Metal Buildings, Specialty metals suppliers and manufacturers

Energy Efficient Siding and Windows – Manufacturers, Distributes and Contractors installing energy-saving Wood, Aluminum and Vinyl Windows and Siding.

Green home & garden

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IB Flat Roof Warranty

Solar PV Price Calculator – An interactive tool to estimate the cost of installing Solar PV for your home or business.

IB SolarWise Pay-off / ROI guide