Roofing Calculator: Estimate Roof Prices in MA

Roofing Calculator is designed to provide approximate replacement prices for PVC Flat Roofing and Metal Roofing Systems, that we charge in MA, CT, RI and NY. Though these prices are localized to the New England market, they are comparable to prices in other states. The actual cost of your roof installation will depend on the type of material, roof size, penetrations, difficulty, tear-off, insulation and other details.

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Estimate Prices for the Following Roofing Materials:

IB Flat Roof - PVC flat roofing membrane, designed for residential and commercial flat roofing. IB is the only flat roofing material that we install. Price qoutes indicate approximate cost to install a 50-mil white IB Roof, 80-mil IB or the residential IB Traditions Membrane. Above roofing prices DO NOT indicate installation costs of IB DeckShield or flat roof deck/patio with PT wood installation. Metal Roofing - We install many types of metal roofs. Our most popular styles are Standing Seam, and Steel / Aluminum Interlocking Metal Shingles. TPO Roofing - TPO is a look-alike product that was made to work in a similar way to PVC roofing, but would cost less. The "cost less" problems are still haunting the TPO roofing industry. We do not install this product, but will provide TPO repair services in the Metro Boston area. Rubber Roofing (EPDM) - Rubber is the oldest single-ply membrane present on the US roofing market. It is popular among home and business owners, because it is cheaper than PVC and TPO. Contractors like it because it does not require any special (and expensive) equipment to install (TPO and PVC both require expensive hot-air welding equipment and an adequate power source - usually a 8000W+ generator). Despite low cost, rubber roofs are commonly associated with leaks caused by seam failures. We do not install EPDM, but provide rubber roof repair services in the Metro Boston area. Roofing Calculator estimates installation costs for EPDM, TPO and Tar & Gravel roofing that our competition charges in MA, CT and RI. Prices are based on our market research, and will vary depending on a roofing contractor you work with. All prices are based on the assumption that you hire a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor, employing legal workers.

How to Use the Roofing Calculator

We have made our calculator as easy to use as possible, while providing you the flexibility to choose different options, such as roof difficulty, insulation thickness and respective r-value, number of chimney / skylight curb flashings, tear-off, etc. These options can be chosen separately. At the same time your roof size determines the base price, to which other options can be added. Step 1: Plug in your roof dimensions Make sure you account for any overhangs / soffits, as that may add significant area to you total roof size. If your roof has an odd shape ( 'L' shape or similar ) you can divide your roof into virtual 'rectangular blocks' and add up all your measurements to get the total square footage. Plug in that number and multiply it by 1. For example: if your roof is 2300 sq. ft., type 2300 x 1 into 'roof dimensions' section of calculator.
Step 2: Select an appropriate 'roof difficulty' setting This is very important, as the right level of difficulty will enable you to get a more accurate estimate. Please choose according to how many through-roof penetrations / HVAC units / Skylights / Vent or Hot-stack pipes, etc., are on the roof, as this will make a significant price difference. The more penetrations, the more precision work will have to be performed.therefore adding a significant amount to the total price tag. Step 3: Choose the desired insulation thickness Insulation makes up a significant part of the total material cost, and in some cases may cost more than the roofing membrane itself. Having good insulating value may seem expensive at first, but it will greatly reduce your energy costs, eventually paying for itself. However, if you already have some insulation, adding more will not have a dramatic effect compared to having no insulation at all.

Progressive Roof Pricing

One of the most important factors that determines the overall cost of a roof is its size. With a new progressive pricing algorithm, Roofing Calculator will automatically adjust your replacement costs for premiums added by contractors to install small residential roofs (under 1000 sq.ft.). Our pricing formula take into account not just the raw size of your roof, but also how big your roof is on a scale which compares really small roofs, average size roofs, and bigger commercial roofs, such as apartment / condo buildings, office buildings, factories, storage facilities, etc.

How to Interpret the Instant Price Quote

Once you receive your instant quote, keep in mind the following factors: 1. Your actual installation cost will vary based on the specifics of your roof, your roof difficulty, and the roofing contractor you use - refer to our roofing price guide for more insight on how roofing contractors come up with their prices. 2. For IB PVC membrane, the calculator is designed to provide approximate pricing to install a 50-mil white IB roofing membrane on an average size home (1000-2000 sq. ft.). If your roof is small (about 300-400 sq. ft.), then your cost/sq. ft will likely be higher than results from this calculator. As explained in the Progressive Pricing Section, this is due to the fact that our set-up costs remain the same, while the amount of work is smaller. 3. The price for Tar and EPDM roof materials greatly depends on the price of OIL, which was trading at its all time high of $147 per barrel in July of 2008. Although oil prices have fallen dramatically since then, the material costs remained the same and in some cases (for asphalt-bases products, such as shingles, rolled roofing, built-up roofs, modified bitumen and EPDM rubber) they actually continue to increase - the last major price increase occurred in March 2009, with all the major roofing manufacturers. Since we DO NOT install EPDM or Tar roofs, we provide you with our estimated cost, based on our experience, and polling other roofing contractors who do install rubber roofs. Moreover, EPDM and Tar roof prices vary from one roofing company to another, depending on each company's costs, overhead, and profit percentage. 4. If your roof is large, your cost per sq. foot may be lower than the calculator's quote, depending on various variables. There is no exact formula on how the price is calculated, as there are too many factors affecting the price of each particular roof, and including them would make the calculator too complicated to use. 5. Specialty membranes, such as IB Traditions for Residential low-slope roofing or 80-mil IB roof will be slightly more expensive compared to a standard 50 mil roof. 6. IB DeckShield or 80-mil membrane assembly with Pressure Treated wood on top for walk-on flat roof decks will be considerably more per sq. ft., compared to results from our calculator. Please refer to our flat roof decks section of our website for explanation of our walkable flat roof assembly for both Deck-Shield and 80-mil with PT or composition deck. 7. When comparing prices of IB roof to the cheaper alternatives, like Epdm rubber, bear in mind the total roofing cost concept. While IB has higher initial cost of installation, the difference in price will be more than offset by savings on future roof repairs, energy savings, and virtually a maintenance free service life. 8. We have modified our calculator to reflect the recent material cost hikes by a reasonable 10%. 9. Installation prices assume that a roof is installed by a reputable roofing company that is fully insured, licensed, and specializes in the material it installs. If you get a "great" deal from someone, don't be surprised if your seemingly inexpensive roof leaks soon after it is installed, and your roofing contractor is nowhere to be found. Refer to our flat roof repair guide for some insight and ideas on what to do if your roof leaks and what your options and costs are. 10. Do NOT trust contractors that offer you "special" last year's prices, as there is a good chance that you will receive a sub-par service, and/or your roofing contractor will use every chance to reduce their costs ( cut corners wherever possible). Roofing material costs are continuing to go up, and no contractor is immune from trend, unless they hold a huge inventory (nearly impossible).

Cool Roof Energy Savings

Our calculator will estimate approximate energy savings derived from installing white* (most energy efficient) IB membrane vs. black rubber (EPDM) or Tar & Gravel/BUR roof. * IB White Membrane has the highest solar reflectance rate of almost 90%. Energy savings refer to the avoided cost of electricity to operate AC in the summer. Our calculator does not consider the R-value of insulation, as a savings factor. However, the thicker the insulation, the more savings you will realize all year round. ** Savings are calculated assuming the electricity rates in Metro Boston area from N-Star, effective April 1, 2007. At that time, the going rate was $0.1875 / kWh, for the consumption of 1000 kWh per month. Electricity rates found in the following report from Hydro Quebec: Hydro Quebec Electricity Rates report - 2007 Your actual rate may vary. To calculate your rate per kWh, look at your last 12 electric bills. Add all 12 statement balances (exclude any previous balances, late fees or other misc. charges not related to your energy use), and divide by the total number of kWh consumed.

Recent Calculator Changes

We have made major improvements to the calculator, so it offers ease of use and accurate pricing based on your roof details. New features include: - Progressive pricing based on the size of your roof. - Added option to get pricing on Chimney and Sky-light flashing - Prices for parapet wall flashing and trim.

Find IB Roof Contractors In Your Area, Outside of New England

We've created a list of Contractors installing IB roofing materials located outside of our service area. We do not endorse any one of these contractors, but they are certified by IB Roof Systems to install IB PVC roofing materials. Before you decide to work with any contractor listed there, we recommend that you do your due diligence - check their references, roofing licenses, insurance certificates, etc.

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  1. Guys – just used your roofing calculator for a bid for a job I think you will be interested in, it is a high profile historic renovation. First off, the calculator is amazing, secondly, we look forward to meeting you in the near future as the job comes to fruition.

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  2. I am interested in learning more about the waterproof IB roofing material. Is this something a local roofer can buy from you all and install on our house in Baltimore, MD

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  4. Is there any Baltimore,MD roofers that install the IBF roofing for a flat roof,I saw Leslie Alspaugh inquired about it. I would be a test project for any roofers looking to install these systems it would make a ton of money here

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